Pilates on Tour Presenter
Balanced Body Master Instructor

Nancy Myers

EHS Pilates

San Francisco CA USA

EHS Pilates, Balanced Body Master Instructor
Nancy Myers is the Co-owner and CEO of EHS Pilates, Inc. in San Francisco, CA. She is a Certified Senior Pilates Trainer with special focus on Gait Therapy. Nancy is also a faculty member of EHS Pilates Institute, Balanced Body, MBT Trainer/ Educator, and Director of EHS Pilates Institute’s International Teacher Training Program and Retreats. Specialties: » Postural alignment » Essential Posture and Gait patterning » Common foot problems with corrective protocols » Pilates-based rehabilitation » Author of “Fabulous Feet” History of Pilates Experience: Nancy was introduced to Pilates at St. Francis Dance Medicine Center by Elizabeth Larkam in 1989 after injuring both knees from years of teaching dance and running. In 2000, she certified with Ellie Herman Studios in San Francisco. Nancy has extensive knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology. She has dedicated her Pilates career to an emphasis on posture and gait analysis and how it applies to the Pilates work. Nancy has experience teaching all types of fitness populations including dancers, professional athletes, pre and post natal, senior citizens, and clients with injuries and special issues. Nancy is also a certified personal trainer and group exercise director. She has a BS in International Business and is currently working on her masters in Holistic Nutrition. Nancy’s current projects include co-authoring “Walk-ilates” and authoring of “Fabulous Feet”, both due out in 2010.

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Balanced Body Master Instructors for:

  • Anatomy in Three Dimensions
  • Bodhi Suspensions System
  • CoreAlign
  • MOTR
  • Pilates

-ACE Certified
-AFAA Certified
-NASM Certified
-PMA Certified

'Nancy Myers did a fantastic job with this module. We learned lots of really valuable information and increased our knowledge about leg and ankle alignment. She also made the course really fun. Great job'

'The course was wonderful. The material was presented beautifully by Nancy Myers. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to other instructors. The CoreAlign is such a valuable supplement to the Pilates work.'

'Nancy was an AMAZING instructor. The workshop FAR exceeded my expectations. I have never left a workshop before where I felt it was this worthwhile and worth every penny I spent on it. I learned so much about my own body and teaching.'

'I am so looking forward to working on the CoreAlign for my own benefit and for my clients'! Nancy is an exceptional teacher with so much knowledge to share. I can't wait to study with her again for the CoreAlign 2 training. Thank you.'

'Nancy Myers is absolutely phenomenal!! Her passion and knowledge is inspiring. She doesn't just dish out choreography she truly explains the science behind the specific movements. Her side-bars dwell deep into whats going on in the body as it sequences through a movement. Instructors walk away not only learning new Core Align exercises, they receive a better understanding of functional movement as a whole!'

'I learned a great deal in Reformer 2 led by Nancy Myers. I appreciated her 25 years of experience and her mastery in pilates. I was able to get a deeper dive into the exercises and learned a lot about my own body in my pilates practice. Nancy made observations that I had never heard before which allowed me to be more aware and will create the space for me to be a better teacher when the time comes. Excellent class. Thank you!'

'Nancy Myers is truly AMAZING and such a wealth of knowledge. I feel extremely grateful to have been taught by her. I'm to excited to continue my learning journey with EHS. It would have been nice to get an email a couple of days before the course started with a reminder and logistical info such as what to bring, etc. '

'Nancy is amazing and goes so far above and beyond the class requirements. She is a fount of knowledge and generously shares it!'