Balanced Body Master Instructor

Janine Fondiller


San Francisco CA USA

Janine Fondiller is a Pilates instructor and educator with more than 12 years of experience and a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to the practice and teaching of Pilates. Janineʼs approach is informed and inspired by her many years as a professional dancer, trapeze artist, and yoga practitioner. Janine was introduced to Pilates while earning her degree in Dance Education at San Francisco State University. While studying for her diploma in Professional Dance Studies at the Laban Center London, she fell in love with her morning Pilates classes, and decided to add Pilates to her teaching skill set. Upon returning to San Francisco, Janine received her formal Pilates training and certification from Ellie Herman in 2000.

A certified Yoga teacher, Janine believes the practices of yoga and Pilates together can be highly transformative. She's been called a natural "teacher of teachers," and is currently a Master Instructor with Balanced Body. Janine specializes in teaching private sessions with a focus on strengthening and conditioning, and is especially passionate about using Pilates as a rehabilitative practice for injury recovery and prevention. In addition to her private practice, Janine serves on staff at Red Hawk Physical Therapy, where she regularly witnesses the power of Pilates to heal and strengthen the body and spirit.

When she's not hard at work in the studio, Janine enjoys epic travel adventures near and far, playing ukulele, riding her vintage red bicycle, enjoying a picnic in one of the City's beautiful parks, and visiting Maui — as often as possible! She is grateful to her students and teachers alike for their continuous inspiration.

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'Janine Fondiller was an absolute pleasure. She has a exceptional talent as an instructor. She provides useful demonstration and offers great ideas for verbal and physical cues. I felt that she was easily approachable for questions. Would gladly take another course from Janine!'

'The instructor for mat 1 at EHS pilates studio in San Francisco, Janine, is a wonderful teacher. Clear and concise, very knowledgeable, helpful, and a pleasure to be around.'

'Jeanine's knowledge and passion for pilates and movement is apparent and an asset to teaching. She has excellent communication, and offers useful feed back. She commands a level of attainable excellence in herself as well as her students. She is a wonderful instructor and an asset to BBU and EHS'