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Class Name Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle's Mentor Program: Week 1
Instructor(s) Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle
Dates Monday, June-22-2020 to Friday, June-26-2020
Hours 2020-2021 Year-Long Mentoring Program Week 1: June 22-26, 2020 Austin, TX (Apply & Register as early as possible for Week 1 to be in program - limited to 6 participants. 2020 PTT program begins in February with Group Conference Call) Week 2: October 12-16, 2020 Ashville, NC Week 3: February 22-26, 2021 Austin, TX

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Location Pilates Center of Austin
8229 Shoal Creek Boulevard #104
Austin TX 78757 USA
Description Discovering Your INNER TEACHER/GUIDE

I am so excited to be part of this program and grateful for the opportunity to share and mentor from the rich experience of my lifelong journey to awaken my unique INNER TEACHER/GUIDE. This journey which I am so privileged to share with you, is one that I hold much like the creation of a precious gemstone. It takes eons to make a gemstone - extremes of heat and cold, and the passage of time. Likewise, to create a life and career of "passion, purpose and vitality" (this has always been my mantra), requires a willingness to ongoingly discover knowledge of self, unearthing the wisdom of one's inner voice, along with the perception, skill, understanding and commitment to act on this wisdom. This is the journey we will take together.

Joseph Pilates was a true visionary who taught from a coordinated trinity of body, mind and spirit. His system of Contrology evolved from his lifelong exploration of both ancient and contemporary movement forms, along with the holistic living principles that are at their foundation - for him, movement was a metaphor for life. His exercises always "lived" for him in a much larger vision... that we discover our own inner wisdom, our ability to self-heal, and reconnect with the vital forces that constitute our true nature. Standing on the shoulders of his legacy, we will rediscover the roots of the Pilates Method, as Joseph Pilates did, by studying the universal principals that are the foundation of all great bodymind systems and building that into a deep understanding of a natural, primal way of moving, honoring the uniqueness of each individual - a fabulous encounter with a way of teaching that is "Energizing rather than Exercising".

To bring forth his vision, I am suggesting that we must re-examine the current way we assess problems bio-mechanically. I agree with one of my pioneering mentors, Phillip Beach, DO.,DAc., that, as movers, we need to leave the dissective anatomy model to surgeons, and move to a whole systems theory of assessment. In this way, we move from a pieces and parts anatomy assessment, which is the study of dead bodies, to a whole organism anatomy assessment where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am suggesting that this whole organism approach to anatomy is the body's understanding of itself, in relationship with the gravitational field, and is a study of our true nature and how we move, as Joseph Pilates envisioned. This contextual way of looking will change everything you know about yourself and your teaching in very exciting and profound ways.

This Pilates mentorship program takes us back to the time-honored way of learning through apprenticeship. This is how I have grown more fully in studies with pioneers in the art and science of movement, and how I guide teachers/practitioners in the 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective. In this perspective, we come from the deep roots of the Pilates repertoire and develop ourselves into empowering guides, enabling ourselves and our clients to "see" something we could not see before. When we shift our attention to nurturing awareness, rather than getting our clients "to do it the right way", we create a safe, empowering, illuminating space for them to discover the real possibility of Pilates in their lives.

After almost 40 years of teaching, I am more clear than ever that true learning does not happen from the outside in. Where I look from in developing masterful teachers/practitioners is to cultivate the "Art and Science of Transformation". As we know, transformation does not happen by changing the circumstances in our lives, it happens in altering our perception of our reality. When we alter our perception of our reality, we create a new relationship with it. This requires an expanded awareness, vision and NEW perception. For teachers who are excited about this possibility in their personal practice and teaching, I promise you a true breakthrough in who YOU are for yourself and your clients.

This program is for those who want to be inspiring, creative, passionate teachers/practitioners with a personal practice that feeds you to inspire yourself. Who want to cultivate their deep curiosity and creativity. Who are willing to investigate their beliefs and habits to discover new ways of supporting themselves and their clients. Who are interested in knowing what the client in front of us right now has to teach us, especially that client we are uncomfortable being with. Who are curious about allowing their own bodies teach and guide them ongoingly within the repertoire, rather than just doing what someone else tells us to do.

For 20 years, prior to becoming a Pilates Practitioner, I taught yoga and Holistic Health. One of my most treasured teachers and mentors, Swami Rama, taught me that "holistic health is more than physical or mental fitness, it is systematic self-training - a state where one understands the purpose of life and its relationships." It is my deep privilege to "journey" with you into this visionary body of work we call Pilates, as we develop, nurture and give voice to our unique Inner Teacher/Guide.

Within our vision of your mentoring program, we will move through 3 Phases:

PHASE I - LIGHTING THE TORCH: In this initial phase, we will return to our roots to rekindle the spark that ignites a passion for our life's work, inspires a fresh curiosity, and challenges our edges.

PHASE II - SUSTAINING THE FLAME: Here we'll explore what it takes to keep the torch lit, that sense of "being in the zone" in our practice and teaching, as an ongoing creative act.

PHASE III - PASSING THE TORCH: Finally, we will examine what it takes to powerfully share the "magic", to inspire and empower ourselves, our clients and our colleagues, and in doing so, reconnect with the legacy that is your life's contribution to this amazing work.

>> We will re-examine the Pilates repertoire along with primal, functional movement patterns, from the expanded 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective, a self-healing, embodied approach to human movement re-patterning from Fundamentals to Flow. This perspective will ignite the flame of curiosity from the body's experience of: "Core as Relationship with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment", From this perspective, you will develop an innate ability to guide clients to become masterful coaches for their own health and well-being, along with generating a deep understanding of the Pilates repertoire from Basic and how it organically builds to Advanced.
>> We will explore your natural breathing coordination from the perspective of "Breath as Prime Mover". You will experience how this fascial awareness feeds your personal respiratory rhythm, and how it works in concert with your body's "biotensegrity" – the tensional-integrity of all of your body systems, which are supported and motivated by breath, and can correct long standing problems.
>> We will explore multi-sensory teaching (speaking, listening, seeing, touching and cueing) skills, empowering new perceptions that build client confidence, post-rehab to elite athlete, along with your own.
>> We will explore the latest research in neuroscience, energy medicine and fascial awareness, along with the pioneering wisdom from the fields of yoga, somatic arts and sciences, myofascial bodywork, embryology, the revolutionary contractile fields theory of Phillip Beach and an updated awareness of our nervous system co-regulation with Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory
>> We will develop and/or refine your personal practice in order to cultivate and continue to mature a practice of movement and stillness.
>> We will support you in creating your business as a thriving, empowering, participatory studio environment, that enables you to also have a life of your own!
>> We will play, have fun and plant seeds that cultivate new growth.

We can "master" every move through the super advanced work, and know HOW to teach it, and still come up far short of making the lasting and profound impact that is possible in our work. For without the ability to create space, to get underneath the conditions, circumstances and mindsets that stop us/our clients, such that an opening is created that propels us/them to grand, new possibilities, we will not have mastery. Because mastery is not just about lighting up a room, but the ability to light up another, in essence "to pass the torch" of possibility, where little or none was seen before. Marry this with a deep understanding of the principles and practice of our beautiful work, then you have real mastery. This is what lights me up empowering people to discover their own true voice, their "inner mastery". This is the "container", so to speak, within which my 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective lives. If it is your heart’s desire to discover the part you will play in passing the torch to the generation that come after you, come spend time (two week-long intensives in June and February) with me and the dedicated Staff/Guides at our studio in Austin, and (one week-long intensive in October) at my cottage studio in Asheville, during your yearlong program

In this Year-Long Program (3 Week-long Intensives), students will have extensive personal access to Wendy, both on and off-site, supported by journaling, special studies, email contact and a monthly phone conference. Each student will undertake a personal and group project, and submit a final presentation paper. Each course is limited to 6 teachers.

Intended Audience: Graduates of a comprehensive teacher training program with a minimum of 3 years of concentrated teaching experience. Open to teachers from all Pilates Schools.

About Wendy: A holistic coach and movement facilitator for almost 40 years, Wendy considers herself to be a lifelong student. Over the years, she has studied with 5 of the Pilates Elders, and has been inspired by their individual expressions. These mentors, along with her apprenticeships with noted pioneers in yoga, the somatic arts and sciences, craniosacral, shiatsu and Structural Integration bodywork, embryology, and perceptual ontology, inspired her creation of the unique 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective, a profound study of the universal principles that underlie embodied movement and the possibility for whole organism change.

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Notes The total cost of this program is $5,325. Accepted participants are expected to register for each session individually. All participants are expected to register for the first June session prior to the conference call in February.
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