BBU Instructor Bridge Program

BBU receives requests from instructors requesting a ‘bridge’ program that would allow an instructor with an existing non-BBU Pilates certificate (or significant relevant experience) to receive a BBU certificate without having to complete the full compliment of BBU classes.

Recognizing that each student’s experience is unique, we have designed our bridge program to accommodate a wide variety of students and situations. Each student that applies and is accepted into our bridge program will be evaluated and offered a course of study.

Not all students who apply will be accepted into the bridge program.

BBU offers options to bridge our Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive training certificate.

Why Bridge to BBU?

BBU is internationally recognized as one of the leading Pilates education companies. We have over 140 instructors and we offer Pilates Instructor training in over 70 locations worldwide. Chances are you will find a training location near you.  Our instructors are some of the best in the business, many with 10 or more years experience. 

Bridging is a great way for certified instructors to learn and re-visit the principles and exercises of Pilates and also freshen up on the advanced work not often used in day to day instruction.  It is also a great way to add diversity to your training background.

Balanced Body University, like Balanced Body is a forward looking progressive company. Sure, we respect tradition, but we are always looking for new ways to innovate and move. Just like you.

Also, while BBU requires continuing education hours, unlike some companies, we encourage you to take advantage of all of the rich and diverse Pilates continuing education opportunities that exist. Sure, we would love you to go to a Pilates on Tour conference, or take one of our Workshops, or sign up for a "On the Road' roadshows or study with one of our fabulous Partners, but you don't have to...

"I always enjoy my BBU training weekends! At this point in the comprehensive program, the students and instructors have such great personal & friendly contact, it not only makes the training sessions educational, but fun. Your instructors make everyone feel capable of learning, and take the extra time needed with each student so that they feel comfortable with what they've learned. The manuals are excellent. The details provided within each manual makes it so easy to add special notes to each page without having to write all the information regarding each exercise, and possibly 'miss' the details.

Thank you for providing such an excellent comprehensive program!"

For more information contact BBU at or call us at 877-PILATES (745-2837).