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To register, please complete this online form. You can also call to register at 877-PILATES (877-745-2837), fax this form to 916-388-0609, or mail it to:

Balanced Body
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Educator: Suncoast Pilates, Palm Harbor, FL 2424 Curlew Road Palm Harbor FL 34683 USA

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Any participating person (hereinafter ‘PARTICIPANT’) in a training program, physical program, exercise program, class, or any other event (hereinafter collectively ‘TRAINING’) sponsored and/or conducted by, or on behalf of, Balanced Body Education LLC, its officers, directors, employees, related companies, successors, assigns, independent contractors, and/or training instructors (hereinafter collectively ‘PROVIDER’), will participate in said TRAINING, including, but not limited to, engaging in physical activity and exercise associated with the TRAINING, and utilizing equipment, instruction, services, facilities, and premises that are part of the TRAINING, entirely and expressly at the PARTICIPANT'S own risk. Further, in express consideration for being permitted to participate in said TRAINING, PARTICIPANT, on behalf of herself or himself, and all successors, heirs and assigns, agrees to completely and forever release and hold harmless PROVIDER from any and all liability for injury, death, damages, any loss to PARTICIPANT and/or the personal property of the PARTICIPANT, as well as any claim, demand, lawsuit, injury, and damage of whatever type or nature (hereinafter collectively ‘CLAIM’), even if caused by acts or omissions, including but not limited to negligence, of PROVIDER. In addition, as further consideration for being permitted to participate in said TRAINING, PARTICIPANT authorizes PROVIDER to take photographs and/or video images of PARTICIPANT (hereinafter collectively ‘PICTURES’) during the TRAINING for use by PROVIDER in advertisements and/or other promotional materials for similar future events. PARTICIPANT hereby expressly consents to such use and forever releases any and all rights that PARTICIPANT has as to his or her image as depicted in the PICTURES, as well as any and all other rights PARTICIPANT may have to the PICTURES. The PARTICIPANT further expressly agrees that the foregoing WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law, and that if any portions of this WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY are found invalid for any reason, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect. Additionally, PARTICIPANT expressly authorizes the use of electronic means to enter into, and evidence, this WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY agreement. Further, PARTICIPANT and PROVIDER expressly agree that California law shall apply to any CLAIM arising from the TRAINING and that any lawsuit arising from a CLAIM shall be venued in Sacramento County, California. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that if the foregoing is acceptable, PARTICIPANT or an authorized agent on his or her behalf must check the above box acknowledging that he or she has read, understood and expressly agrees that PARTICIPANT is bound by the foregoing WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, and then click on the SUBMIT button. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that by checking the above box and clicking the SUBMIT button, any person other than PARTICIPANT is also expressly representing that he or she is the authorized agent of PARTICIPANT for purposes of binding PARTICIPANT pursuant to the terms of the WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY and that PROVIDER is relying upon this representation. If it is later determined that the person purporting to bind PARTICIPANT is not, in fact, the authorized agent for PARTICIPANT for this purpose, the person making the representation will defend, indemnify, hold harmless and be personally liable to PROVIDER for all damages incurred by PROVIDER arising from any CLAIM by PARTICIPANT, including but not limited to payment of any judgment, settlement, and the fees and costs of PROVIDER'S attorneys and experts.

Cancellation Policy & Merchandise Returns

  • Cancellation of your class will incur the following fees:

    • $100.00 fee if written notice of cancellation is received by Balanced Body up to five (5) days before class start date or a $50.00 transfer fee to transfer from one course to another.

    • $250.00 or the full course fee, whichever is less, if written notice of cancellation is received by Balanced Body within five (5) days before class start date or a $50.00 transfer fee to transfer from one course to another.

    • No refund is given for any cancellation received on or after the start date of the training.

    • Instructor Training Manuals and Videos are non-refundable.

    • NOTE: These policies may not apply to any training offered outside the USA.

To cancel your registration please contact us at: Balanced Body, 5909 88th Street, Sacramento, CA 95828 or (877) PILATES or via e-mail at education@pilates.com.

Program Changes

Balanced Body makes every effort to hold classes at the dates, times and locations, and with the instructors and classes specified on our web site and brochures. We reserve the right to cancel and/or change event dates, times, instructors and locations although this happens very rarely. In the very unlikely event that we must postpone or cancel a class, you will be refunded your registration fee in full or offered a transfer to another Balanced Body class of your choice.

Balanced Body is not responsible for workshops, or portions of workshops that attendee misses due to illness, emergency, or other event beyond our control. Balanced Body is not responsible for losses incurred by any attendee for airline fares or other travel arrangements in the event that the class must be cancelled or postponed. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.


Please note: Balanced Body ships manuals directly to the indicated shipping address. If you signed up for a class and we do not have enough time to guarantee arrival of your manuals before the class (usually 10 business days), you will be able to pick up your manuals at the training.


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