Balanced Body Master Instructors and/or POT Presenter

Marcy Schafler

Mind Over Movement

Madison NJ USA

Marcy Schafler, owner of Mind Over Movement became a Pilates instructor at the suggestion of one of her first Pilates instructors. Growing up taking dance and gymnastics, motivated her to change her career at the age of 45. Marcy completed her original training at Movements Afoot in New York City. There she trained with Doris Pasteleur Hall (a student of Alan Herdman and Carola Trier) and Lesley Powell, Director, Movements Afoot. In 2006, Marcy participated as an instructor in a study led by Urogynecologist, Dr. Patrick Culligan, of the Atlantic Healthcare System on the rehabilitation and support of the pelvic floor. “Having women achieve pelvic floor strength through exercise is a very powerful experience. I see women of all ages and the results are truly amazing.” Marcy was diagnosed with both uterine and breast cancer in 2007, and Pilates had such an impact on her ability to come through the challenges of surgery, radiation and rehab. In 2010, Marcy studied with Elizabeth Larkam in a program designed by Balanced Body, Passing the Torch. “Continuing education is such an important part of our growth and often gets overlooked when we are teaching for awhile. I love working with and taking other instructors workshops. There is always something new to learn.” In addition, Marcy as added teaching Anatomy in Three Dimensions. This is such an amazing course to teach. “I cannot teach this course without learning something new myself. Taking 2 dimensional form and bringing to life is such a great way to see anatomy.”

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Balanced Body Master Instructors for:

  • Anatomy in Three Dimensions
  • Bodhi Suspensions System
  • CoreAlign
  • MOTR
  • Pilates

-ACE Certified
-PMA Certified

'Marcy is knowledgeable, professional, insightful, creative, skilled, focused. I was educated and motivated.'

'This was a great course, because although I have been doing pilates for many years, I learned so much more about it. I did not realize how incredibly beneficial it is, especially to people with certain alignment problems. I am so excited to learn even more, and to be able to spread the knowledge.'

'Marcy Schafler was a wonderful instructor. I left the course feeling so motivated in my aspiration to teach pilates as well in my pursuit of pilates training for myself. She was professional, motivating, kept my attention and very open to questions. I have been active my whole life and have experienced many injuries due to overuse. In the two years since I began pilates, my body has never felt better. '

'I can not begin to tell you how amazing this training was.. I am so glad I picked this course and my classes have transformed.. As a vinyasa yoga teacher, I am passionate about movement, placement with purpose and space.. This course totally complemented my training and I am grateful for all that I learned. I am blessed for having Marcy as a teacher. The postures were dissected entirely and I learned interesting history about Joe and the lineage. Thank you again.. Namaste.'

'Marcy Schafler was just GREAT!!!! She really knows her stuff. I would love to continue my education with her as my instuctor. '

'The instructor conveyed her passion for teaching and her love of Pilates. '

'Marcy is a great mentor. She has a thorough understanding of the human body and movement. She embodies the essence of Pilates!'

'Marcy is incredibly inspirational and an excellent instructor. She challenges and yet nurtures at the same time. She's exceptionally knowledgable and shares her knowledge openly. Her knowledge of anatomy and cuing are superior. I highly recommend learning and training with Marcy. She will make you a strong and well educated Pilates instructor. And the studio is cozy, clean, and has all of the props and equipment necessary to get a full bodied education in a Pilates practice.'